Payment methods at online casinos in New Zealand

Any real money casino player knows how important it is to have various options for casino deposits and withdrawals. On this page, we will discuss some of the most popular payment methods accepted at NZ online casinos.

Credit and Debit Cards

In the online gaming world, as well as in daily life, bank cards have proven to be extremely valuable in money management. According to the Reserve Bank of NZ, over 2.7 million Kiwis were credit card holders as of 2020 which is a potentially huge consumer base for online gaming.


Visa casinos are extremely common to come across and we’re guessing that’s why more and more Kiwis enjoy visiting them so much. Of course, there’s more to the popularity of Visa cards for online gambling. Visa is one of the oldest existing cards and its issuance is generally part of the creation of a bank account. For this reason alone, Visa cards are very much accessible. Other than that, Visa credit cards are usually accepted for both forms of casino payments and when used by new casino players, a welcome bonus can be awarded.

Individual transactions initiated via Visa cards often range between $10 - $5,000 and are usually free of charge from the casino’s end. However, the use of the card for withdrawals may carry a fee of up to 2.0% and payment may take up to three days to be completed.

Visa cards use the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) version 4 and other security tools to keep your money safe. Also, there is a real-time monitoring service to ensure that all payments initiated from a card are authenticated by the card owner. In addition, Visa is committed to incorporating even more security features, such as the microchip.


Mastercard is another card that can be used to play casino games online for real money. Generally. with Mastercard, withdrawals and deposits are possible. Like Visa, Mastercard is quite readily available for players who own a bank account at a financial institution that issues Mastercard. Initially, this card was only available as a physical chip but with the launch of virtual bank cards in the early 2000s, the brand saw a unique opportunity to gain more coverage. Today, this card is the second most used bank card in New Zealand, right after Visa. Mastercard can be used for contactless payments as well as for online purchases.

Casino payments via Mastercard often range from $10 - $5,000 per transaction. Deposits are usually completed within a few seconds while payouts may require three days to be completed. Generally, you do not have to worry about processing fees although a fee of up to 2.2% may be incurred.

With Mastercard, your money is in safe hands. The service uses sophisticated security tools that monitor every card activity and detect any signs of fraud. When used on a mobile device, Mastercard can use your biometric details to authenticate your mobile payments. Plus, Mastercard advises its clients to stay vigilant and report to customer service in case of theft or any suspicious purchases.

Pros and Cons of Using Cards At Online Casinos

Yes, bank cards offer flexible payments and are widely accepted. But are there just positive aspects regarding the use of these cards at online casinos? We don’t think so – here’s a round-up of what to expect.

✅ Typically up to $5,000 per transaction❌ Withdrawal fees
✅ Work for withdrawals and deposits❌ Debit cards may lead to more spending than intended
✅ First-time deposits can be awarded a match-up welcome bonus
✅ Withdrawals often require 1 – 3 days
✅ Advanced safety and security features
✅ Easily accessible

Bank Transfers

Bank transfers step in to attend to players who do not use a bank card or do not wish to use their bank card online. Of course, you can still decide to use direct bank transfers even if you have a valid bank card. This form of casino payment simply involves the transfer of funds between your bank account and casino account. It is also known as a wire transfer and is widely accepted for both deposits and withdrawals. Once payment is initiated, you will be required to log into your online banking account to authorize the transaction. In some cases, you may have to contact your bank and authorize them to initiate the transfer.

Usually, deposits via bank transfer are slightly higher than those made through other payment methods. This could be from as much as $100 but the good thing is, the method also gives way to the withdrawal of up to $50,000 at once. One of the major setbacks of bank transfer payments is that relatively more time is required for processing to be completed. Deposits can take hours while up to a week could be needed to receive funds withdrawn.

How safe bank transfers are simply depends on the security levels put in place by the corresponding bank. Some applicable methods for authenticating payments include Bank IDs and account passwords.

e-Wallets and Prepaid Cards

Digital wallets and electronic prepaid cards have revolutionized the way we go about day-to-day payments offline and online. These refer to any payment system that can be used on an internet-connected device to play at real money casinos. With e-wallets, payments can be made by mobile, PC, tablet, or desktop.


Skrill is that e-wallet you can expect to find at every top online casino in Nez Zealand. This wallet facilitates your casino payments and is in partnership with the Italian football club, AC Milan. With Skrill, money can be moved with ease from your account without the use of a bank account. Skill can be funded through local payment methods, bank cards, and even directly from your bank account. It is ideal for mobile gamers as it is mobile-compatible and even has a mobile app available in the Play Store and in the App Store. Payments do not require anything other than your Skrill user email and a password.

Casino deposits made via Skrill can range from $10 to $6,000 while withdrawals may have lower limits of $4,000 at most. Online gaming sites rarely charge a fee for Skrill payments. However, fees apply to the general use of Skrill whereby the company charges up to 5% for depositing into Skrill and up to 7.50% for withdrawing funds from Skrill. Also, Skrill has account fees of 5.99% and a sending fee of 2.99%.

At Skrill, the safekeeping of your money is a primary concern and that’s why the wallet stays ahead of the latest security tools. Users are thus protected from scams and fraud.


Neteller is another online payment service that is widely used for casino gaming. It is a convenient option for deposits and withdrawals and is suitable for mobile payments. Once you sign-up for a Neteller account, you can put funds into it through Visa, Maestro, Boku, and even Paysafecard. Neteller exists as an e-wallet and a physical card which can be used at thousands of ATMs across the globe. Another advantage of Neteller is that it can be used to get funds directly from your bank account.

Generally, Neteller casino payments range from 10 NZD to 5,000 NZD. Deposits are completed within a few minutes at most while withdrawals may require 48 hours and above. Once again, casino deposits and withdrawals are usually without fees although you may have to settle some charges from Neteller itself. When funding your Neteller account, it may cost you up to 2.5% of the deposit money. As for withdrawals from Neteller, it may be up to 7.5% when using a Visa card.

With Neteller, you can save, transfer, and receive money without a worry. This service is authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority and works with Verisign which assists in the maintenance of the security of Neteller’s DNS.


Paysafecard is a payment method that Kiwis can use at real money online casinos. It is more of an electronic prepaid card than an electronic wallet and can be purchased at local vendor shops. You can use this prepaid card by choosing one of two available options: registering for an account or simply purchasing a voucher without an account. The service does not require any personal information, making it ideal for anonymous online gaming. Also, the terms of use and applicable processing limits of Paysafecard in New Zealand are not the same as elsewhere in the world.

If you’re playing at an online casino that accepts Paysafecard, its use will be mainly restricted to deposits. These typically range from $10 - $2,000 and are completed as soon as you validate the voucher PIN code. You can use money found in each voucher more than once and there’s a tool on Paysafecard’s official website for checking the balance of a voucher. During the first month of use, Paysafecard is free of charge and afterwards, a monthly fee of 4 NZD is charged.

Security-wise, each Paysafecard voucher has a unique 16-digit pin code that must not be shared. In case suspicious activity is detected, there is a feature in your user account to block the use of the voucher.


EcoPayz is a free electronic wallet for sending, receiving, and spending money in more than 50 currencies worldwide, including NZD. Creating an ecoPayz account is easy and straight to the point and the wallet can be coupled with a bank account. Out of the digital world, ecoPayz has a physical Mastercard for use at ATMs and offline purchases. At gaming sites, this wallet is often accepted for both forms of payment.

Deposits often range from $20 to $6,000 while withdrawals may rather start from $50. Depending on the type of ecoPayz account you own, different limits may apply. A classic ecoPayz account can process at most $1,000 daily and its withdrawals are free of charge. The VIP account is the highest wallet level and enables up to $30,000 daily at a fee of 2.90 – 7.0 dollars.

Your financial security is ensured through state-of-art tools and unique login details. Plus, the service has been tested and authorized by the FCA.

Pros and Cons of Using E-Wallets And Prepaid Cards At Online Casinos

How about we remind ourselves of the major advantages and disadvantages of using e-wallets and electronic prepaid cards at NZ online casinos?

✅ Typically between $10 - $5,000 daily❌ Withdrawal fees
✅ e-wallets – deposits & withdrawals❌ Prepaid e-cards – deposits only
✅ Mobile friendly
✅ Fast payouts generally within 1 – 3 days
✅ Safe and secure payments
✅ Some wallets can be used without an e-wallet account

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is one of those payment methods crafted to suit mobile gamers. There is no need for physical cards when using Apple Pay, as the e-wallet fits is widely accepted for casino payments in New Zealand. Setting up an Apple Pay account is quite easy and you can add both credit and debit cards to it. Another benefit of Apple Pay is that you do not need to worry about its download considering that it is incorporated into Apple mobiles: Mac, Apple Watch, iPhone, and iPad. No lengthy payment procedures are involved and there’s also an option for contactless payment.

Via Apple Pay, Kiwis can often process between $10 - $2,000 at once. Generally, casinos do not charge a fee for these payments while Apple may have you pay some fee. When withdrawing from your Apple Pay account via bank transfer, a 1.5% fee of up to $15 may be paid. On average Apple Pay withdrawals take 1 – 3 days to be completed.

Google Pay

Google Pay is a mobile payment solution created by Google company for mobiles powered by Android OS. Online purchases via Google Pay are swift, safe, and stress-free. The e-wallet uses multiple security layers, and the service generates a virtual account number which is shared with the casino instead of your actual card number. Google also provides a feature for locking your device in case of theft or loss. Another enjoyable aspect of Google Pay relies on the fact that it partners with banks like the Bank of NZ, ASB Bank, and Epay New Zealand Limited.

Generally, you can deposit and withdraw between $10 - $5,000 via Google Pay although some casinos even accept five-dollar payments. Usually, no charges are levied for these casino transactions. However, when withdrawing from your Google Pay account via direct wire, a 1.5% fee of at least $0.31 may be charged.

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and of course, Bitcoin, are some of the major cryptocurrencies available at online casinos in NZ. These are modern financial solutions that can be traded online and used for a wide variety of purchases. Of all these cryptos, Bitcoin is the most popular and currently, it has the highest market value followed by ETH and USDT. One of the main advantages of gaming online with crypto is that a blockchain is often involved and no intermediary financial services are needed.

Most online casinos that accept Bitcoin and the likes of it have very flexible payment limits. Converting to fiat, you can initiate transactions ranging from $10 to $100,000. Payments are instantly completed, and a fee will often be incurred – the exact value differs from one crypto to the other.

How to Choose the Best Online Casino Payment Methods

What are those things you should be paying attention to when choosing a payment method at an online casino? That’s what we are about to discuss.


Very often than not, you can only get something in life if you’re ready to pay the price for it. Well, payment methods are quite similar. Some methods may require a fee all through from recharging to withdrawing while others may be limited to withdrawals only. Even when there is a fee, it is a smart move to compare the various options to pick out a banking service with minimal costs. You could also go for electronic vouchers like Paysafecard which have no processing fees. Another aspect you should remember is that exchange fees generally apply when converting from one currency to another.

It is worth noting that even if casino payments are free of charge, you may have to pay a fee to the banking service provider. This could be a fee for depositing into or withdrawing from an e-wallet.

Payout Speed

Online casino payment methods except Bank Transfer are known to offer instant deposits. However, the story generally changes when it comes to the withdrawal of money. For this reason, it is important to check the average withdrawal time of each payment method when choosing. If you don’t mind waiting for up to a week to receive your casino withdrawals, then you shouldn’t have an issue with direct wire. In contrast, for speedier payments, you may want to consider bank cards and e-wallets like Skrill and Neteller. Typically, payouts via these methods are completed within 1 to 3 days, weekends and public holidays excluded. It should, however, be recalled that the speed at which bank card payments are completed may also depend on the bank concerned.

Minimum Deposit

As far as online gaming is concerned, the minimum deposit question comes back to the table again and again. In this case, we’re mainly concerned about the least possible amount to be deposited via a payment method. If you’re playing at a low-minimum deposit casino, you should expect to process no less than $5 per option. However, most casinos under this category accept at least $10 while some go for $20. When checking the minimum deposit of a payment method, remember that this limit may vary from casino to casino. Also, the minimum deposit possible via a wallet may be different from the minimum deposit needed to unlock a welcome bonus.


We can say without much doubt that, the payment methods discussed on this page meet minimum security requirements. Nonetheless, you might want to take a deeper look at how secure a specific method is for you. You can check what info is needed to authenticate transactions. If you play from a mobile, it might be smart to go for a service that can work with the biometrics of your device. Common security tools used by banking providers include SSL tech and firewalls. To be on the safe side, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to ensure that your chosen payment method is authorized by a reputable regulatory institution like the Financial Conduct Authority.


NZ online casino operators accept a wide variety of payment methods ranging from e-wallets, bank cards, bank transfers, and all the way to crypto wallets. Each of these options is characterized by specific payment limits, processing time, and fees that sometimes vary from one casino to another. It’s often possible to use more than one payment method at a casino although some casinos may only accept withdrawals via the same service used for the deposit. When joining an online casino in New Zealand, it is recommended that you check available payment options to make sure that there’s at least one convenient method for you.

Final Thoughts

In the ever-expanding world of online gaming, casinos are innovating with a variety of payment methods to attract different types of players. Whether you're looking to start small with a $1 deposit casino, step it up a notch with a $5 or $10 deposit casino, or want the convenience of using digital currency at a Bitcoin casino, there are options tailored to your preferences. For those using more traditional online payment platforms, PayPal casino offers trusted transactions, while, Paysafecard casino provides an added layer of security. Players in New Zealand can also find specific NZ Dollar casino options to suit local needs. Additionally, many establishments entice players with deposit free spins, further enhancing the gaming experience and making these casinos an appealing choice for gamblers of all levels.


Can I Pay With Bitcoin At Online Casinos?

Yes, you can use Bitcoin at online casinos in New Zealand, one such casino is Bluechip Casino. Here, you can deposit between mBTC 0.8 to mBTC 500 while withdrawing mBTC 1.6 to mBTC 80. Apart from Bitcoin, Bluechip Casino accepts payments via Tron, Ripple, and Ethereum.

What Casinos Accept PayPal In New Zealand?

Online casinos that accept PayPal in New Zealand include Party Casino and Bwin Casino. Once you create your PayPal account, you can put money into it using your credit or bank card as well as your bank account. Withdrawals via PayPal can be completed within 2 – 6 hours.

Can I Use The Same Payment Method For Withdrawals And Deposits At Online Casinos?

Generally, e-wallets can be used for both forms of casino payment except for prepaid electronic vouchers. Also, casinos will mostly let you withdraw only from payment methods that have previously been used for deposits. Always check individual casinos to know exactly how payments work.